Yeshua of Nazareth –A.K.A. Jesus– the Greek translation of his Hebrew name, has been the center of controversy since his very appearance on the political and religious scene. Is he god? Is he the son of god? Is he god and his own son at the same time? Did he really exist? Was he a revolutionary leader against Roman occupation? Did he come to save the Jews? Did he come to save all humanity? Those are some questions I have been hearing since I was 15.

I started looking for answers in other people. I first approached some catholics. They gave me their point of view, but they did not convince me. They said one thing, but did the opposite. Then I approached some Jehovah witnesses. They gave me their version of christianity and I did not like it, either. Finally, I approached some evangelists. I disliked their attitude towards Yeshua – A.K.A. Jesus.

       There I was; at the same spot I had started. Then, a friend of mine gave me a book. I remember neither the title nor the author. What I do remember is that, at the end, it read, “For further information, read the gospels.” “Of course,” I said, “I have to stop asking people. I have to read the source.” Then I remembered that one day, a pocket bible had been given to me. It only had the new testament, but it suited my purpose.

       That afternoon I started reading the first gospel, Mathew. I did not stop until I finished reading it. By that time, it was already dark.

The next day, after work, I started reading the next gospel, Mark. I started noticing that there were some discrepancies, but they did not really bother me, since they were minor, so I kept on reading.

       It was not until I read Luke when I realized that, contrary to the common belief, the gospels did not complement one another. They are in contradiction!

That night I did not go to sleep until I finished reading the last gospel, John. The next day, I started to re-read them, but this time I had a notebook and a pen with me. I started taking notes as I re-read. By the time I finished, several weeks had passed. Great was my surprise when I realized that the book everybody regarded as perfect, had so many imperfections.

       I wanted to write a book about those inconsistencies, but at that time, I had neither the time nor the media to do it, so I desisted.

       Now that I have all those factors on my side, I am ready to share my findings.

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