It is very ironic that the person regarded as the most important figure of all humanity, Yeshua, A.K.A. Jesus, did not achieve any of his goals while alive:

Ø  He wanted to unite the Jews against the Romans, but he was not successful.

Ø  He wanted to overthrow the Romans from the “promised land”, but he failed.

Ø  He wanted to become the “messiah” for the Israelites, but he could not convince them he was the one.

Ø  He wanted the Israelites to accept the Samaritans as their equals, but they did not.

Ø  He could not even make his siblings believe he was the christ.


       However, human epochs were divided to honor him.  The book that tells his story is the best seller of all times. And most important of all, he was turned into the most powerful god that has ever existed.

       How was that possible? How was a simple man transformed into the most influential individual of all times? How can a person achieve greater deeds while dead than when alive? I know Elvis sells more records than many new singers nowadays, and he is regarded as a god, but eras have not been set apart because of him; religions and temples have not been erected due to him.

What made Yeshua –A.K.A. Jesus– so special? The answer is… friends.

If you have ever doubted the importance of social capital, here is the proof of how crucial it can be in someone’s life. Although in Yeshua’s –A.K.A. Jesus– case it was not only friends who made the difference. People’s greed for power and money played a very important role in his becoming the most revered god in the world.

       I know that there are those who will say, “Jesus was not a simple man, he was the greatest of all.” But they are wrong, he was a simple mortal, so mortal he was that… he died on the cross!

Dying on the cross was the only thing Yeshua –A.K.A. Jesus– did well. Had he not died on the cross, he would have never become what he is today. No martyr dies of old age.

       Crucifixion catapulted Yeshua –A.K.A. Jesus– into martyrdom. So important was this event that not only Yeshua –A.K.A. Jesus– was transformed, but also the cross itself. It went from the most feared item of torture, to the most revered religious symbol. How can that be possible? That has to be the most important victory of the Romans, making their favorite way of torture, the most revered religious symbol. Could you imagine the family of a person executed on the electric chair, asking the warden to give them the very chair where their son/daughter was electrocuted to put it at an altar to be worshipped? That would be sick!


       The main difference between chistianity and the other religions in the ancient world was that the former offered eternal life after death. Up until then, people went to Hades and that was it. They only had to have one coin to pay Kharon, the ferryman, and that was enough to enter the Underworld. That was their only choice. 

       Christianity, on the other hand, made up another option. Now people could go up to heaven, or down to hell. But that was not a choice you could make at the time of your death, nor a coin was enough; you had to work a lifetime to earn the right of going to heaven where you would live an eternal life full of happiness, and you would have all those things you lacked in your life on earth.

       To be able to enter paradise, you had to observe all the rules the church set for you. You had to believe everything they said about their god. And most important, you could not be rich. According to the catholic church, it was sinful for the ordinary man to have money. They had to relinquish all their earthly possessions in favor of the church. The only people who could amass huge amounts of money were the clergymen and the nobles. Of course, they were the ones who devised the plan of using christianity to exploit their fellow citizens.

Just like the Levites told the Israelites that the only family approved to rule Israel was David’s, the church told their parishioners that only some families had been chosen by “god” to be kings.

       If you decided not to abide by these rules, you would lose the chance of spending your eternal life in heaven. You were then condemned to spend your life in hell, a place like the Underworld only worse. Instead of living in peace, you would be tormented for all eternity.

       Needless to say that that place was only for the common people. No matter how many times the clergy and the nobility transgressed their own rules; they would always end up in heaven. To become popes, there have been murders, betrayals and lying. Popes killed whoever posed a threat to their realm. They killed anybody who did not follow their teachings. They conspired to overthrow any monarch who could harm them. And none of them are in hell! Not even the Borgias!

       Nowadays priests abuse children and commit all kinds of excesses. Kings kill their own kin to keep their kingdoms. And have you heard about any popes, cardinals, bishops, priests or kings who are in hell? I’m sure you have not.

That lack of fear of the clergy makes me be certain that hell and heaven are only inventions of christianity to keep people under control. How could a person like Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legion of Christ, be the most respected figure in modern catholic church, and at the same time be a pedophile. Tens of men have accused him of sodomy, even his own children. For decades, these accusations were regarded by the church as calumnious, but now that Maciel is dead, they have accepted the accusations as real events, and they are paying big amounts of money to the victims.

       Think about this for a moment: Marcial Maciel was a religious man. He knew that the deeds he was committing were not only sins, but also crimes. According to the teachings of the church, he would be condemned to burn in hell for all eternity. And still he committed the crimes!

       The only inference I can draw from this situation is that Maciel KNEW there were no consequences for committing those horrendous crimes. As the rest of the clergy who has transgressed the commandments over and over again without fearing the outcome, he must have known that heaven and hell were just inventions for the commoners.


Is it not ironic that Yeshua –A.K.A. Jesus– is regarded as a peaceful messiah, and his ascending to the pantheon of gods was due to war?

According to Constantine I, the symbol of the cross appeared on the sky before a decisive battle, the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, against Maxentius. His army was outnumbered by Maxentius’ and still he won, with the help of the “new god”.

       Is it not strange? The “peaceful messiah” helped Constantine KILL thousands of rival soldiers so that Yeshua –A.K.A. Jesus– could be revered as the most “peaceful god” ever! And that was just the beginning! Constantine kept on smashing his enemies, and all with the approval of the “prince of peace”.

       Another example of this irony is Chlodwig or Clovis, king of the Franks. Before the battle at Tolbiac in 506 C.E. near Cologne against the invasion of the Alamanni, he prayed to Yeshua –A.K.A. Jesus– for help, and promised, in case of victory, to submit to baptism together with his warriors. After the victory he was baptized by Bishop Remigius of Rheims.

The “peaceful prince of Israel” did it one more time. He was instrumental in the killing of thousands of people, so that people could call him “the Prince of Peace”.

       Constantine set the example for all popes and kings to come. With the help of the “peaceful king of Israel” they kept on annihilating all their enemies to convert the survivors to the new religion. Is it not said that Yeshua –A.K.A. Jesus– is an almighty-all knowing, loving god? Could he not find a different way for people to be converted to his creed without the bloodshed? Could he not just enter in people’s heart, as they say he does today, and change people’s minds? No, he could not. For that to happen, people need to have been indoctrinated for centuries. The only way a person can adopt a new god is by fear. Half of the family was killed and the rest was left with the choice, accept my god or die. What would you choose?

       Yeshua –A.K.A. Jesus– has been the instrument of domination since Constantine. He saw how docile christians were. Constantine knew that by adopting and disseminating the new religion throughout the empire, his chances of controlling his subjects would increase greatly.

People do not need much to let others control them. Just think about today’s politicians.  They only need to promise a few things the ordinary people need to make them follow them.

       Now, what would you do to get the ultimate reward, eternal life? I bet you would be willing to make every sacrifice to earn it.

The problem is there is NO ETERNAL LIFE! 2,000 years after its invention, nobody has returned from the tomb to confirm its existence. All those who have written about it are alive! Everything they say about it is mere speculation! But that promise is enough to keep people in control. They are willing to give up everything to get the chimera.


       At the beginning, the church had total control. The head of the church was also the head of the state. But then kings from other parts of the empire started rebelling against the church’s rule. They thought they had the right to govern, too. They started disputing the church’s control over their subjects. They wanted their share of the loot. At first, the church began to fight the idea of sharing not only its power, but also the money. When both the church and the royal families realized that their quarrel was futile, they decided to split the revenues. Both “institutions” would continue the exploitation of the people, the church would TITHE them and the state would TAX them. People would be “happy” contributing to the amassing of great fortunes for both, the royal families and the clergy.

       You could always ague against this idea, but just think. There is no religion in the world that does not put money in front of salvation. What happens if you are a mormon, Jehovah witness, evangelist, etc. and you never tithe? You are expelled from the congregation, and they do not care if your soul is condemned for all eternity. If you are a catholic, can you get any of the sacraments without paying a fee? Priests “know” that if a child dies without being baptized, he/she “will never enter heaven”, and still they do not baptize a child if the parents or godparents do not pay the fee.

       Why do priests have to charge for every service they provide? I have always wondered how much John the Baptist charged for baptizing people in the River Jordan.  Nothing, right? So why do priests always demand payment? They do not care about salvation, they only care about money.

       Yeshua’s –A.K.A. Jesus– story is the greatest LIE of them all. Now you might be wondering how the church turned the lie into the biggest truth and kept it like that up to our days. It is simple. They only needed the time of three generations to pass to make the lie become truth:

·        The soldiers “spreading” the gospels raided one town and killed half of the population, mostly man.

·        They told the mothers and the elders left alive, “Embrace the new god or die.”

·        For their lives to be spared, they accepted the lie and told their children the tale of the new god.

       At that point the lie is still a lie because, although the child thinks it is the truth, the parent knows otherwise.


·        The child grows up, has children of his/her own and tells them the lie his/her parent told him/her as though it were the truth.

·        The grandparent dies and takes the secret to the tomb.

       At that moment, the lie becomes the truth because little children believe everything their parents tell them. Since the person who knew the truth is dead, the lie the grandparent told, became the truth for the grandchild.

       Your children believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, etc. because you tell them they exist.  The moment you reveal the truth, they stop believing in them. Unfortunately for us, the first generation was not brave enough to tell the second one that everything about Yeshua –A.K.A. Jesus– was a lie, so the lie turned into the “biggest truth” ever. 

       The people who run the churches are the biggest hypocrites of all!

They say:

·        Don’t make treasures on earth… and they are the richest entities in the world.

·        Thou shalt not kill… and they have killed all those who have opposed them.

·        We are all equal before god… and they do not let women to be ordained.

·        We have free will… and they condemn the gay community.

·        They want to be like Yeshua –A.K.A. Jesus… but their garments are made out of pure gold and the finest silk. They travel on private Lear jets and armored vehicles.

·        Gay parishioners are not welcomed… and the church is full of homosexual priests. (Notice that most of their victims are boys.)

·        Sinners go to hell… but they never say that the members of the inquisition and all the popes who killed to maintain power are there. 


       Yeshua –A.K.A. Jesus– is the biggest lie ever told. But it has been the most profitable. Its inventors and those who have kept it alive have become very rich, and the common believers have been turned into slaves. For millennia, they have made every sacrifice to get the ultimate reward “eternal life”. They never realize that that prize is a chimera.

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