Heaven, hell, purgatory and limbo are unreal places, created to give hope or threaten the common believer. According to the church, if you are obedient and devote your life to follow its teachings, you go to heaven. If you sin, you go to hell. If you only committed small sins, you have to make a stop at purgatory for some years and then you proceed to heaven. And if you are an infant who died without the sacrament of baptism, you go to limbo.


       Now I will tell you how I know that all those places are fictional. Could anyone make the capital of the U.S. disappear by decree? Perhaps you will say, “Yes. Congress can appoint another city as capital of the nation.”  That is true, but the old capital city will remain where it is now. It will not go away.


       In 2010 the Vatican, that is, Pope Benedict XVI, abolished LIMBO. That means that the place where for centuries infants, who died without the sacrament of baptism, used to go, exist no more. Easy like that. With an edict, the current pope made the most dreaded place of the parents of newly born babies disappears. Now they have nothing to worry about, limbo is no more. 


       How can a place disappear by an edict?  It can be done only if the place in question was created the same way, by a decree.


       Heaven, hell and purgatory are not real places. Like limbo, the promoters of cristianity made them appear out of the blue. And like limbo, they can also disappear whenever a pope so desires. I made them vanish from mi life a long time ago.

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